Higher prices for ginger and less demand for residents

China Jiang network ( hearing this week crossing market vegetable prices as a whole showed a steady state, there are also some demand for small vegetables due to price reasons from a more substantial rise, ginger is the best representative.

In the IMC market now selling ginger are from Shandong, and the farmers stored in the cellar of ginger, ginger in Shandong has not yet officially listed. This week, the price of ginger rose considerably, and ginger didn't belong to the essential dishes of life, so the demand for ginger was reduced after the price hike. According to the merchant, 5-6 tons were sold a day last week, and only 2-3 tons per day this week. Ginger prices are on the rise this week. The average price of ginger this week is 7.30 yuan /kg, the average price last week was 6.20 yuan /kg, the average price of 5.10 yuan /kg last month, the average price of 2.60 yuan last year, /kg, Zhou ring rose 17.74% below, 180.77% month on month rose 43.14%, compared with the same period rose by 2%.

Ginger prices are mainly due to the weather caused by the origin. As the ginger for cellar storage, so high temperature rainy weather on Ginger storage is very unfavorable. Shandong ginger planting area of rainy weather has lasted nearly a month, a part of the ginger pit seepage, resulting in ginger rot deteriorated, resulting in reduced supply of ginger, ginger prices directly led to the rise of the. In the new ginger are not listed, the price of ginger was expected to continue to rise in the cellar of ginger less and less, but as a non essential vegetables, prices continued to rise at the same time, the demand will continue to decline, prices may fall. Overall, the price fluctuation of ginger is still unpredictable, and it is expected that the price will fall after about a month as the new ginger comes into the market.

2017-09-26 19:57